Caterings with local, artisanal, native products

Coffee breaks, tapas (snacks), dishes and menus for events, weddings, executive lunches or dinners and TV or cinema productions.

For any type of celebration

Executive and private caterings: coffee break, lunch, cocktails, weddings, dinners and meals. We deliSee to your office, house or, if you prefer so, we set up one of our iconic partner venues in Barcelona for you.

With high quality native products

Our caterings are elaborated with local native products, personally chosen for each customer, purchased directly from our local groceries markets and artisanal producers in the area, in order to capture the genuine Catalan cuisine in creative and contemporary dishes.

To be enjoyed whereSee you decide

We deliSee whereSee you choose: at your workplace, in a meeting room, or setting up one of our exclusive partner venues. We take charge of the whole set-up and decoration, so you can make the most of your time with zero concerns.

Our caterings

You’ll love our menus (with a choice for vegans and veggies)


Street menu

  • 15€ per person
  • 30 minimum pax
  • See menu

Central menu

  • 20€ per person
  • 40 minimum pax
  • See menu

Gourmet menu

  • 30€ per person
  • 20 minimum pax
  • See menu



Lunch 1


Lunch 2


Lunch 3


Lunch 4

Picnic Box Monebre

Picnic Box

Seafood Paella

Seafood Paella

Vegetable rice

Vegetable rice

Risotto tasting

Risotto tasting



Need a location?

We have the perfect venue for your celebration

Hand Bar

Hand Bar Barcelona offers you a nice environment to celebrate your private party uptown in Barcelona, and a dance floor with the best of Spanish music playing.

Hidden Factory

Hidden Factory is a multidisciplinary venue in the centre of Barcelona, just perfect to create whichever event you are thinking of: private parties, executive meetings, showroom...

Wine Culture Center

Wine Culture Center is a dynamic and innovative venue dedicated to wine lovers, with a room for musical performances, offering an intimate and cosy atmosphere.

  • 100 people max.

Anaglifos Art Factory

Anaglifos Art Factory is a multidisciplinary location related to art; it is located in the centre of Barcelona and counts on a small theatre, making it perfect for presentations, shows, …

  • 20 people max.

Típic i català

Típic i català is a gourmet store next to Sagrada Familia, offering a cosy space of wine tasting, special dinners, dinners with Certificate of Origin products…

Merbeyé, local para organizar eventos privados en el Tibidabo
  • 100 people max.


Merbeyé is a unique and special venue on the Tibidabo’s hillside, in Barcelona. With vintage decoration and a Parisian look, it counts of various rooms and a terrace with a stunning sight of the city.

  • 25 people max.

Mon Ebre artisanal bakery - Coming soon

The obrador Mon Ebre, artisanal bakery, in the very heart of Sants, is a multidisciplinary space with a kitchen and a room for small private events, meetings, corporate presentations with a capacity of maximum 25 people. There are chairs, tables, beamer and wi-fi available.

We love what we do

From a coffee break to the most exclusive dinner, going through lunches, brunches, cocktails, picnics, meals, tailor-made caterings... You choose where and how you want your gastronomic experience to be.

We make our best

Our services include everything you may need for a unique evening event. We provide the plateware and accessories for the occasion and we clean it up afterwards, so you don’t need to bother at all.

We support the locals

We promote the small business and local shops as well as the fantastic markets of Barcelona to allow you to enjoy the typical dishes of the Catalan cuisine re-interpreted with our chef’s creativity.

Who is behind Mon Ebre?

Our goal is to allow you to enjoy a genuine gastronomic experience.

Mónica de Yebra


Founder and Manager of Mon Ebre.
In love with Terres del Ebre (Ebro Lands), the Camp de Tarragona and its gastronomy, I decided to go on the exciting adventure of creating my own brand and offer high quality products, following the family traditions of their producers.

Mon Ebre

Tailor-made caterings

Mon Ebre provides the best of the Ebro Lands (Terres de l'Ebre)
Tailor-made caterings with a specialization in products from the Ebro Lands and Camp de Tarragona, mixing vegetarian, creative cuisine merging with other cuisines of the world; loyal to traditional gastronomy with a contemporary touch.

Happy customers

Thank you for trusting us

Apart from private customers, these are some of the companies that have trusted in Mon Ebre: EDICIONES CONELPA, RBA REVISTAS, MIRLAR, LOYAL STUDIO, SONY, ABSTRACT EVENTS, HAND BAR.
What about you? Come and discover Mon Ebre’s caterings!

Companies that have already trusted in Mon Ebre:

Come and enjoy our caterings yourself, you will repeat the experience!

Happy Companies that have already trust in Mon Ebre
Happy Companies

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Mon Ebre artisanal bakery

Coming soon, in the very heart of Sants, your space for small events

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Local products, organic and native, direct for you to taste.

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